The GRAARGD is a several-layer platform for the graduation show of the graphic design department. It incorporates virtual reality and interactive online exhibitions accessible to people outside of the exhibition space, making the experience of the graduation show more diverse. My project makes possible interaction with the new elements of the graduate's work on the platform. The non-physical nature of the platform follows the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment guidelines, keeping the interaction safe.
Virtual Graphic Design Graduation

Experience the virtual Show on your computer. Click on the “play” button. 
How to interact with the exhibition?

You can use the "W, A, S, D" buttons on your keyboard to walk. To jump you can click on the "SPACE" bar. Press "Q" to open the menu with the description menu to read about the works. If you want to teleport yourself to a location of a specific person, you can click the "E" button on your keyboard. You can use the scroll bar to scroll the menu – either by scrolling with your mouse/touchpad or by manually clicking on the scroll panel and dragging the bar up and down. If you get stuck in one of the rooms, you can always teleport to one of the works by opening the teleport menu ("E"). 


Amsterdam, NL